Smartphone charging and battery life; Things to keep in mind

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Smartphone charging and battery life;  Things to keep in mind

Smartphone charging and battery life; Things to keep in mind

Most of the complaints raised by smartphone users concern battery life. It fills up quickly, takes longer to charge, and the battery heats up while charging. And they are important in complaints.

The battery is an important part of any device. There is a strong link between RAM, camera, processor, and battery life.

Smartphones with larger specs and screen size require more battery power accordingly. Here are some ways to increase the battery life of your smartphone.


Charge cycle

Check the battery life based on the number of charge cycles. A charge cycle is the time it takes to fully charge from zero. At half charge, that is, when it is charged from 50 percent to 100 percent, it is only half a cycle. There is also a difference in battery life. Battery capacity decreases with age. This is visible in all types of batteries. Only it will be on a different scale. Batteries that store a good percentage of the energy they charge in the first days, their storage capacity decreases over time. This causes the battery to quickly drain and overheat. Reducing the number of charge cycles is one way to increase battery life.

No need to charge 100 percent

When buying a new phone, many people recommend using it only after charging it for hours. This does not apply to any current smartphone. Always keeping your phone between 10% and 90% charged will increase battery life. Charging 100% each time will reduce the battery life cycle. If the charge reaches zero percent after a 100% charge, it will shorten the life of the battery. Using the phone while charging will not damage the battery. On the other hand, if the phone is not used for charging, the battery will charge faster and the phone will not overheat.

Note the applications

Care should be taken to regularly update the applications on the smartphone along with removing the unwanted applications. Every time, companies release updated versions of the app to improve battery usage and memory functions. Games with more graphics are another villain in the load. There are many online games of this type. It is not uncommon for mobile data to run out of charge when turned on and played.

Wallpaper and display

The screen is the most used charge for both Android phones and iPhones. Lowering the screen brightness will increase battery life. Most smartphones now have AMOLED displays. So be sure to choose dark colored wallpaper in general. At the same time, live wallpapers can be discarded. The power of animation requires more. At the same time, if you use the adaptive brightness function in the brightness settings, the brightness will automatically change according to the conditions of use of the phone.

Use of networks

Wi-Fi is better than using mobile data. So you should choose WiFi whenever you get the chance. Also, GPS, Bluetooth, location, and mobile data should be turned off when not needed. The charge is lost only when using WiFi and Bluetooth. These small amounts can be stored without losing charge if they are kept off when not in use.

Vibration and notifications

Vibrations can cause excessive battery usage. Just activate vibrate mode on the phone if necessary. You can turn off the vibration and small sounds that occur when you press the key on the screen. We also allow you to send notifications when you install applications on your smartphone. The battery will also be used for these notifications. For apps that don’t require notifications, it’s a good idea to go to Settings and skip them. Or you can run out of data and battery using multiple social media apps.

Place the phone

Do not put the smartphone in overheated areas such as the dashboard or car window. Most of the cold is not good for the phone’s battery. Charging the phone while gaming can also cause the phone to overheat. Similarly, if you notice that your phone is overheating, it is a good idea to call the service center to check for damage.

Only the original charger will suffice

Many smartphones today support fast charging. Chargers are also available in the market to help phones charge faster. But use only the charger provided by the telephone company. Delivering too much power to the phone can permanently damage the battery. The phones that are coming to market can now withstand the overload.

Battery saving

Battery life is automatically reduced when apps are running in the background, even when not in use. You can use battery saver to avoid these problems. Many phones now offer battery savers.

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