IPL 2020: Tendulkar, Kohli ahead of Dhoni in popularity, Gavaskar sparks controversy

Dhoni legend. Dhoni’s heroism in international cricket is now on the level of folklore. Dhoni means pure emotion. That is why Sunil Gavaskar believes that Dhoni’s popularity in Indian cricket is higher than that of Sachin and Kohli.

He last played in the semifinals of the World Cup last year. Then it was no longer visible in twenty-two meters. After much speculation, he said goodbye to IPL on Independence Day. After that, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was seen again in the IPL in the first match. The big IPL event has started with Dhoni in focus. Dhoni is playing in the field, on the night of his cricket career. This is what attracts cricket lovers.

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Dhoni has made international cricket memorable with his national team jersey. He has set example after example as captain. Whether at home or abroad, you’ve won one horn after another. In addition to winning the World Cup double, Dhoni has also brought the Champions League to the country.

Not only in the country jersey, but also in the IPL, Dhoni has an incredible reputation. Dhoni and CSK have become complementary in the IPL. Dhoni’s contribution to CSK, whether with the bat or the captain’s brain, should not be forgotten. He has brought trophies to the team three times. He has also reached the cup final more than once. In the last two seasons, Dhoni is irresistible even with the bat.

He has scored 61 runs with a 69.18 average. Fans have been watching as Dhoni, who has not played competitive cricket for over a year, shines on the Abu Dhabi field.

This is why Gavaskar is putting Dhoni in the lead in popularity. The legend himself has appeared in Dubai as a commentator. Commenting on the CSK vs Mumbai match, he said, “Dhoni is loved by the whole country for coming from a small town like Ranchi with no cricket culture. Sachin has Mumbai and Kolkata. Kohli has Delhi and Bangalore. But the whole country is with Dhoni “.

Gavaskar’s comments have already been discussed in cricket.

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